What is Morpheus8 microneedling?

Morpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production in the underlying layers of skin, or the dermis, by passing tiny, hair-thin needles over the surface of the skin to create micro-channels. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, microneedling stimulates the building blocks of firm, elastic skin to reorganize themselves in a natural anti-aging process to help provide additional tightening to the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Morpheus8 microneedling is unique among medical spa services: it combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF), which promotes collagen and elastin production on an even deeper level of the skin. This leads to more visible results than micro-needling alone can achieve, including skin tightening, more even skin tone, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and an overall more vibrant, youthful appearance.

This treatment can be done on almost any area of the body that exhibits wrinkles, discoloration, or acne scarring.

Who should consider Morpheus8 skin treatment?

If any of the following describe you, a Morpheus8 RF Microneedle treatment is an option to consider:

  • You want to prevent or minimize fine lines and wrinkles in the face, neck or chest areas
  • You have sun damage, sun spots, melasma, stretch marks, or acne
  • You do not want the downtime of an aggressive laser resurfacing treatment
  • Traditional microneedle treatments aren’t giving you the results you want

What can it treat?

Morpheus8 microneedle can address a range of skin irregularities in both the face and beck, including:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Aging, mildly lax skin
  • Scarring, including from acne
  • Sun spots
  • Melasma and irregular pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores

Combining Morpheus8 with FaceTite for increased skin tightening

Embrace RF by InMode is a new procedure that combines two powerful and clinically proven technologies to provide a dramatic improvement to skin laxity: FaceTite (percutaneous bipolar RF) treatment followed by the new Morpheus 8 (microneedling RF).

FaceTite utilizes a small handpiece, inserted beneath the skin, that melts fat and tightens the skin. Adding this to the Morpheus8 treatment addresses laxity deeper in the subdermal/subcutaneous fat are to help remodel that layer. Patients see improved tightening and enhanced outcomes.

While minimally invasive, this medical procedure combination should be performed by a board certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Rex for your safety. Morpheus8 alone, however, may be performed by a nurse or experienced esthetician.

Combining Morpheus8 with other medical spa services

We offer a range of medical spa services, like Botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers, laser, and more, many of which can be safely used to complement results from RF microneedling treatment.

Ready to learn more about Morpheus8? Contact our office to schedule your free consultation with our highly qualified team of medical aesthetic professionals, led by board certified Dr. Rex. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for your complexion.

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